Android App Review – CalcTape from SFR Software


We’ve featured a few calculator Android apps in the past, but none are quite as cool and handy as CalcTape Smart Calculator from SFR Software. CalcTape makes arithmetic visible so you can see the calculations as you do them and it allows you to make you changes to your operations on the fly.

CalcTape is an Android calculator app that’s reminiscent of those old school paper tape calculators that let you actually see the calculations as you input them.  You can use those intermediate results to structure and check your calculations, and if you need to change any of your numbers it’s a breeze to do by simply tapping next to the calculation and changing the amount. I also like the fact you can make notations next to amounts; this came in handy when I was doing my finances and wanted to note what certain smaller amounts were for. CalcTape has a few nice options as well; you can set haptic feedback, font size, “rounding” behavior, decimals, indentation and font size. Not the most exciting options, but very handy nonetheless.


CalcTape won’t let you end world hunger, fling birds or post to Facebook, but it’s a great little calculator that’s easy to use and has some cool functions. I use my standard Android calculator most of the time, but have made the switch to CalcTape since trying it out as the notation function is very handy when you have a lot of calculations to do. It’s also nice to be able to go back and change something instead of redoing the whole calculation. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up SFR’s Sofware’s CalcTape for free on Google Play.


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