Android-Apps Reviews: Polarity Android Game

We’ll make this short but sweet. Because that’s how we can describe the game that just hit the Android Market recently. It’s called polarity. If you’ve played games with the classic breakout-style of gameplay, you won’t have a problem with Polarity Android game.

The gameplay is simple. You take control of two paddles positioned at the top and bottom parts of your Android phone’s screen. These two paddles have color which are different from each other. Each of this color represents – well you guess it right, polarity. As you play the game along, you’d encounter powerups which happen to have polarity as well.

The objective of the game is pretty simple, block the ball in the middle that goes up and down from falling off the screen. To do this, you’d use the paddles by swiping left to right so that the ball with bounce off towards the opposing end or on the side of the screen, depending on which point in the paddle it landed on. It would have been easier if not for the fact that you have to match the powerups to the right paddle. Another task at hand is trying to break the bricks which appears in the middle of the screen by bouncing off the ball towards these balls.

Everytime you finish a level, a new and more challenging level follows. The series goes on until you’ve played through all the levels of the game.

Overall, when it comes to gameplay – Polarity is dead simple. In the graphics department, the rendering was well done and would entice you to play the game – over and over.

Polarity is available now from the Android Market for only $1.99.

There is also a free version: Polarity Lite


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