Android Game Review: CandySwipe

Here’s another pretty simple matching-pieces type of game for Android – CandySwipe.  While it may seem that this game is your typical matching game, actually it is not. It offers something more original. The objective of the game is simple – to swipe as many matching candy pieces as you can.  With nice, colorful graphics and a simple and yet solid gameplay, CandySwipe will give several hours of fun gaming on your Android phone.

CandySwipe Android Game  – Gameplay

Like I said, the game’s objective is simple – earn the highest level you can before time runs out on you. To do this, swipe matching candy pieces from left to right – as many as you can without touching non-matching pieces. The more candy pieces you are able to swipe and match, the longer your time and higher your level become. You can also swipe candy pieces up/down or diagonally.

The game also lets you go back for missed pieces as long as your finger doesn’t leave your Android phone’s screen and you don’t get to touch non-matching candy pieces. At the start of the game, you are given 100 seconds. This time winds down faster as you go to higher levels.

The game gives you 20 levels to complete. You advance from one level to another if you’ve scored 2,500 points. Every time you reach a new level, you’ll get additional 20-30 seconds on your time. In calculating your score, the game takes into account the number of candy pieces you’ve swiped multiplied to itself.

Like other matching games, CandySwipe’s graphics are fun, colorful and vibrant. It suits the excellent display of most Android phones. The game graphics adds a nice appeal into the game – keeping hooked into it until such time that your eyes can no longer stare at the bright display of the game.

CandySwipe Android Game Review – Our Verdict

Obviously, we would recommend CandySwipe. It’s a fun and entertaining game worthy of its price tag of $1.99. CandySwipe is available now from the Android Market. You can download the app from here.


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