Android Game Review – Cut the Rope: Experiments

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As reported a few days ago, the cute little bugger known as Om Nom is back in ZeptoLabs Cut the Rope: Experiments. If you enjoyed the first game, there’s no doubt you’ll love this one as Om Nom is still hungry and there’s lots of ropes that need cut.


If you played the original Cut the Rope you’ll have no issue played the new rendition as all the controls stay the same. If you’re new to the game, the premise is that you’ll need to feed the hungry little creature called Om Nom candy by cutting ropes. You slice the ropes with your finger which sounds easy, but it’s not as you’ll have to deal with bubbles, spikes, and dozens of other obstacles ZeptoLabs threw in there to make things frustratingly fun. You’ll also want to collect all three stars on each level as you try to feed Om Nom. It’s not required to pass a level, but you’ll need them later on if you want to unlock all the levels.


Cut the Rope Experiments offers up a whopping 125 levels of fun with more worlds touted as coming soon. The levels are broken down in 5 different packs with 25 levels per pack; all are themed and the names let you know what to expect from each pack. Shooting the Candy introduces you to the Rope Guns while the Bath Time level pack throws some water into the mix. Zeptolabs has also thrown something into the game called The Professor’s Album which is a series of 5 photos that are hidden throughout the game. If you like keeping score they’ve got you covered there as well with Scoreloop’s scoring system.


I loved the first game (as did most of the world) and Cut the Rope: Experiments is just as good if not better than the original. You get a new storyline, new characters, and several new gameplay elements like the suction cups and rope guns. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the game, it’s a solid 10 all the way around and is everything a great game should be. I highly recommend folks check this one out as ZeptoLabs knocked it out of the park. You can pick up Cut the Rope: Experiments for only $0.99 cents on Google Play.


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