Android Game Review: Drop Block

Well, what do you know? After playing the nice Android game called Sinister Planet, I stumbled another fun game that goes by the name Drop Block. Since there’s the word “block” in the game’s ¬†name you might think that this is just your usual puzzle block game. Well, actually it is not just your ordinary puzzle block game. Drop Block adds a new twist and made the game addictive.

The point of the game is for you to eliminate all red blocks on the current puzzle. Sounds easy? At the start of the game, yes it is. But as you progress, then the challenge starts to gradually kicks in. You’re not just going to eliminate the red blocks but you must also maintain the green blocks from falling. The thing is, these green and red blocks are arranged if various ways that just by simply tapping on the red blocks to make them fall of the screen might affect the current position of the green blocks and make them fall as well. If that happens, game is over.

To help you out if you are tapping on the right blocks, take note of the direction of the face embedded inside the blocks. This will tell you the direction of the block when it falls. In other words, the game requires a bit of strategy, trial and error and tons of luck with the hope that you’re not going to tap on a red block that will cause the green blocks to fall.

At first, I thought I’m not going to last for more than two levels of the game. But lo and behold! I actually didn’t stop playing until I’ve reached level 30. The thing is, it’s only half-way through the game as it has 75 levels if you buy the paid version of the game. The paid version also features a level editor which allows you to design a game level and then share it with your friends.

Overall, Drop Block is one of the few gems of the Android gaming market. Like I said before, there are not to many Android games that you will love playing so it’ s great to find something that is really worth your time and money. If you’re not sure whether you’d want to spend $3.10 for an Android game, you can try the demo version which is also available from the Android Market.


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