Android Game Review – Gamevil’s Toy Shot for Android

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Angry Birds started the mobile physics-flinging trend, and since it’s release there have been a slew of copy cats. Toy Shot from Gamevil is one of the latest to try that formula, and it’s also been one of the most successful as it’s truly been a blast to play.Toy Shot takes place in the land of Toy Kingdom where everyone’s full of sunshine and happiness. Well they were until the Undead Warriors popped up and started causing trouble. To make matters worse they kidnapped the Princess and have killed everyone that’s tried to rescue her. That’s where you come in as the Hero and the only one that can bring the Princess back home. You are armed with a with a cannon of sorts that looks like it’s made out of legos, but don’t be fooled by its looks as it packs a powerful punch. Firing your cannon is simple as you just need to touch the target on the screen and drag backwards to get your trajectory and send your weapons flying towards the enemy.

Each level is filled with little soldiers and you’ll have to destroy them (along with the structures surrounding them) to progress in the game. There are also gems you’ll need to collect as well if you want to upgrade your cannon or buy extra ammo. As for the ammo there are several different kinds to choose from; each level gives you a set amount to use, but you can buy extras if you have enough gems. The ammo ranges from regular bullets and projectiles that freeze structures to floating bombs and even a massive Dinosaur that can wipe out everything on the screen. All the ammo is available in the shop, and there are a few cannon upgrades you can purchase as well. Toy Shot offers up around 108 levels to play through, and there are quite a few online maps you can try as well if you have enough gems.


Toy Shot is a slick little game that’s fun for kids or adults. The controls are simple to use, and the lego-like structures and people are cute and fun to destroy. The gameplay is similar to Angry Birds, but personally I think that’s the only thing the two have in common as Toy Shot is a much tougher game for several different reasons. As you progress the levels get downright frustrating, and unless you’re a physics-master or super hardcore about things you’ll probably end up spending a few dollars to get through some of the trickier levels.

Overall, I’ve had a great time with the game and while I do wish the upgrades/gems were a bit easier to obtain it’s a fun game nonetheless. If you enjoy games like Angry Birds there’s little doubt that you’ll love this one, and for those who think it’s just another Angry Birds clone you’re wrong as the backdrop, weapons, and overall feel of the game is quite different from Birds & Piggies. If you’re ready to try and rescue the princess you can pick up Gamevil’s Toy Shot for free on Google Play.

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