Angry Birds Beta Android Game Review

Only in its beta form, Rovio Mobile’s  Angry Birds game for Android is already a promising game that could challenge Android game developers to come out with equally stunning games. I’ve enjoyed Angry Birds on my iPhone and iPad and very few would probably discount the fact that it’s probably one of the best games for both platforms. And as early as now, should the Rovio release the full version on the game, it could probably become the best Android game for 2010.

So, how different is Angry Birds for Android from its iOS counterpart? It’s basically the same gameplay.  Nothing has changed as I’ve noticed so far. That is, you need to eliminate all the pigs on each level using the “angry” birds which are on a giant slingshot.

What sets Angry Birds for Android from Angry Birds for iOS is of course in the graphics department. On my Nexus One which has a screen resolution of 800×400, this game looks very crisp and beautiful. It puts Angry Birds on my iPhone 3GS into big time shame.

As for performance, there’s still a lot of improvements and tweaks that need to be done. The game is only in beta form so I expected the occasional slow down.  I’m pretty sure the developers are working doubly hard in perfecting the game’s performance on their Android devices. And I’m hoping that they release the final version as soon as possible. The Android needs a great game such as Angry Birds to keep it at pace with the iOS.

Angry Birds Beta is available as a free download from the Android Market. Here’s a video sample of how it works on an Android phone.


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