Aporkalypse: Pigs of Doom Android Game Review

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The folks at HandyGames, the same app developer who gave us the Android game Super Dynamite Fishing does it again with another game. This time instead of slaughtering fish with dynamite, you control some smart pigs from hell. But unlike Angry Birds where your nemesis are the swine, this time in Pigs of Doom you have to follow four hero pigs through the fires of hell – using their brains, brawn and bacons to stop the, well – Aporkalypse.

This game will simply blow your mind for being witty and funnny. You know what? I think all games should be like this – easy, fun, and entertaining at best. It won’t stress you out through complicated puzzles and all but exhaust you due to over laughing.

Funny and not so serious as this game may seem, it does have a nice storyline still. And this storyline goes a little something like this – according to an old prophecy, the four Pigs of Doom should proclaim the end of the world. Fortunately, something went wrong which led to the opening of the gates of heaven and hell. To save the day our four heroes, the Hunger Pig, the heavily armed War Pig, the contaminous Pest Pig and the ghostly Death Pig. The fate of the world now rest upon you as you lead the pigs through a collapsing world. Solve puzzles and avoid dangers as you combine the pigs’ supernatural powers and collect coins for your piggy bank. You must also send the angels and demons back to where they belong respectively.

Sounds like a fun game, right? Well, indeed it is!.

Other features of the game include – 30 challenging levels, innovative puzzles with multiple pigs, funny comic world and more. But of course, the main characters – our four pigs are the ones mostly responsible for bringing in the fun.

Aporkalypse: Pigs of Doom by HandyGames is available in free ad-supported format as well as ad-free paid version.

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