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Baams Away – Android Game Review


We all know that Birds are a popular animal to use in Android games, but what about Sheep? I’ve noticed an alarming increase of games involving sheep in the market lately, and it’s making me a bit nervous. Are they really out to get us? Are they telepathic like the Koalas? Nobody knows for sure, but we do know that a new game called Baams Away from Bearded Eye lets you take on hordes of the malicious little mammals…


Baams Away is basically a sheep destroying game that’s going to have you taking on wave after wave of evil sheep. The controls are simple as well; you just need to tap the sheep you’re going to take out as they move across the screen. There is no limit to your ammo (bombs), but you will get some help from things like Artillery drops which are done by swiping. The more sheep you take out in succession the higher your score will be. You’ll gain stars based on your score for each level, and the stars will be used to unlock the next world or Arcade mode.


All sheep are NOT created equal, and Baams Away proves that by giving you 12 different sheep to take out. Some sheep have rockets strapped to their backs while others have combustible wool and will explode on contact. Those are just the sheep you encounter early on; later in the game you’ll see Samurai Sheep, Sumo Sheep, Viking Sheep and the Majestic frozen Rammoth. There are three different worlds to play through in Baams Away with around 36 levels in all. An Arcade mode has recently been added as well and can be unlocked using the stars as well.


As mentioned, there have been quite a few games involving sheep lately and while Baams Away may not be the first Sheep game in the market, it’s definitely one of the better ones. I did think the gameplay was a bit light at first, but those doubts were quickly put to rest as I got sucked into the game. Overall, it was a fun game to play and I look forward to seeing where the developers take the game in the future as they just added Arcade Mode this week with Powerups and leaderboards on the way soon. You can try out the whole first world of Baams Away for free and the rest of the game can be unlocked via the in-app purchasing system for .99 cents.