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The Major League Baseball season kicked off last week, so I thought it was about time to look at some baseball apps. First up is Baseball Superstars 2011 from popular game developer Gamevil. This game series has been around for years, and the newest version has improved in several areas over last years. The depth of gameplay is outstanding; you can play it for weeks without getting sick of it. It has slick graphics with fast gameplay, and it’s a whole lotta fun.


The touch controls work great in this game, and you’re going to be using them a lot. When you are batting, you can adjust your spot in the batters box before you swing away. Timing is everything, as they opposing team will throw a wide variety of pitches your way. It gets tougher when they use their “special players,” which all have different abilities. With pitching, it’s pretty much the same. You’ll pick the pitch you want to throw and start the moving cursor in “strike zone.” Just touch the screen when the ball crosses the location you want for the pitch, and your good to go.


You’ve got a lot to choose from here with 6 different game modes. You have exhibition, season, homerun race, mission, recent game, and my favorite, which is the “My Season” mode. In season mode, you pick your team and go 45 games per season, with only the top 4 teams advancing to the playoffs. After every two games you play, you are allowed to train and upgrade your players stats. Homerun Race & Exhibition are pretty much self explanatory, along with the “recent” game mode. The mission section is a lot of fun as well. You get missions for your created hitter or pitcher, and receive G-Points for completing your tasks. The tasks vary from striking someone out, to laying down the perfect bunt. They definitely get harder as the missions progress.

Now for the true heart of the game, the “My Season” mode. In this mode you’ll get to make your own player (batter or pitcher) and play them through multiple seasons. Your player will have goals to meet each season in order to stay with the team. The gameplay is the same as Season mode, and you’ll also be able to upgrade/update your player every two games. Every time you train or go on an outing, your morale will decrease. When your Morale is low your players abilities drop, and the chance of getting hurt increases. You can remedy that by resting, or going on a date.  There are also “G point” items available, you can use these to boost your players stats as well.  Your evaluated after every game by your coach, and as your popularity rises so will your paycheck.


The graphics are done in an anime/manga style and are pretty slick. The gameplay was also very smooth on my Captivate; I had no lag or other issues with the game. Baseball Superstars 2011  also has Leaderboards, which is a nice touch if you want to see just how good you truly are. It has loads of depth, your definitely not going to get tired of playing this for awhile. I love baseball, so I bought the game outright and haven’t tried the free version. There have been some complaints that the free version is too short, but I honestly can’t say. Other than that, I’ve not seen any gripes about either version of the game. If you love baseball, this is the game to get. You can pick up the free and paid versions in the Android Market.

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