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Be a Rapper with Straight Spittin for Android


Ever want to be a superstar Rapper? Me neither, but now you can be one with an Android app called Straight’ Spittin. What is Straight Spittin you ask? Well, it’s a new game put out by Appalachian Apps and endorsed by Rah Digga that puts you into the rap game. Not literally, as you’re not going to get and bling, but at least you’ll be able to put your flows out there for the world to hear. I fired this app up a few days ago, and before I knew it; I had been playing around with Straight Spittin’ for hours.


After setting up your account if you want to Battle, it’s very simple. Just select freestyle or written, then pick your opponent from the gold, platinum, or unsigned hype pools. Once you’ve done that, you can select a basic beat or purchase more beats to choose from. The beats sounded Ok on my phone, but did leave me wondering how much better the premium beats might be. You’ll pretty much record you’re part, then wait for your opponent to do their part. Like I said, I didn’t try this part out as I have no desire to rap; I enjoy listening to it, but I’ll leave the rapping part to the pro’s…


As I can barely sing, much less Rap I went straight for the Replay section first. From there you can search for battles by location, artist, most popular, or see your battles replayed. This is where I had the most fun, as it’s really hilarious getting to hear some white kid rap about someone having a fat mom, or sucking at Call of Duty. I was a bit skeptical about the “Battle” aspect of it at first, but they do actually go back and forth a bit. One battle I heard the kid said some “very” specific things, and sure enough the other guy flipped it right back on him. Not everyone sucks, some people actually weren’t that bad at all, but most of the stuff I heard was hilarious. You can also vote on previous battles, rehearse by yourself, upload a pic, or replay previous battles.


Personally, the entertainment factor of Straight Spittin is off the charts for me. I didn’t try actually rapping against someone, but just getting to listen to other people was well worth it. I seriously have used this app more than Burn the Rope, and my friends always get a kick out of as well. There’s nothing better than hearing someone “try” to rap, then fail miserably. That being said, there were a few people I heard that weren’t that bad. If you think you can flow, or are just a fan of rap; you’ll definitely enjoy this app. There are three different versions of Straight Spittin to download with the Free, MC Pro, and MC Real versions, and they are all available to download in the Android market.