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Beat That Boardwalk with Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D


The title pretty much says it all folks as DJ Pauly D from the Jersey Shore now has his own Android Game. When I first heard the news I looked outside to check for asteroids, aliens or flying pigs as I thought this news was surly a sign that the end times are nigh. Everything was clear so I checked the market again and yup, the game was still there. One I recovered; I downloaded the game, started up my 15 minute refund timer and got ready for a little GTL…


Beat that Boardwalk is a straight-forward game that puts you in the role of DJ Pauly as he tries to make his way down the bumpin’ boardwalk. When the game starts Pauly D starts walking and you’ll have to steer him away from danger by pressing the up or down arrows. The only other button you’ll use is Jump, and you can only jump once every 2 seconds. If the situation (pun intended) gets too intense you can tap the middle of the screen to pause the game. You score points by picking up items like Italian style headphones and gold chains, but you’ll also score points by picking up the ladies.


On your journey you’ll see Gyms, Tanning Bars, and Laundromats, but you should’ve expected that as what’s a Jersey Shore game without a little GTL? When you enter those buildings you’ll score points and can receive power-ups and multipliers like the Gorilla Juicehead bonus. If you’re tired of the beat you can always head into the music store to change the track out, but no matter what you do don’t forget to Tan! Not many extras to speak of, but Beat the Boardwalk does track your stats and you can unlock the Italy level via an in-app purchase.


After briefly playing Pauly D’s Beat the Boardwalk I thought it was actually just like the show… meaning it’s not that bad and pretty entertaining. Medl Mobile went with a Retro theme for the game and it worked out great as Beat the Boardwalk will remind you of a few NES classics from the good old days. Picking up power-ups and being able to go into the GTL building for bonuses was a nice touch as are the mini-bosses and the stages rotating from night to day. Overall, Beat the Boardwalk is a well thought out game that’s surprisingly fun and pretty damned funny if you’re a fan of the show. I did wonder why they didn’t include Ron-Ron juice as a powerup though; here’s hopin we’ll get that in a future update.

Beat That Boardwalk