Bink Android Game Review

Here we go again with yet another nice Android game. This time around it’s the free game called Bink. It’s a simple short-term memory game involving blocks of different colors.  But mind you, the gameplay maybe simple but then after finishing the first level fast, the succeedings levels were no that simple anymore. Or maybe, the effect of the colored blocks have started to affect my vision.

Alright, so how does Bink’s gameplay goes? The game starts with only one colored block displayed on your Android phone’s screen. Then another colored block appears for a second and then disappears and then goes back again. To move on with the game you need to tap on the block that appears. Then another colored block appears and disappears and appears again. You need to tap on that block again before the game moves forward. Sounds easy? Wait till another block appears just when you are staring at your phone’s screen for a longer time. The effects of the colored blocks will start to fool your eyes forcing you to tap on the wrong block. And that’s the key to the game’s challenge. It will test your eyes endurance to the bright colors of the blocks until you commit an error and tap the wrong block.

The game has 20 levels with varying number of grids per level. It could be a 3×3, 4×4, and so on grid. The quicker you finish the level, the bettter. Your time per level will be recorded.  The game also has a level editor which lets you create your own memory puzzle.

And that’s just about there is to this Android game Bink. Its gameplay is simple and yet the game is fun and challenging to play.  If you want this kind of puzzle game and you think you have good vision, go get this game. It’s free and offers several hours of fun gaming time.

For more details about Bink for Android, check out the developer’s Facebook page.


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