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Honestly, I’m not really fun of card games. I used to play some card games including BlackJack when I was still in the university, mainly because of peer pressure. So, I was a bit skeptical when I tried out this new game – BlackJack Attack which is available from the Android Marketplace both as a free and paid app ($1.99).

When I fired up the app, I was not expecting to like it. I thought I’d play for a couple of minutes and then stop. But I was wrong. The game was good. From the interface, the graphics to the gameplay – I couldn’t find a single flaw of this Android game.

The game’s description from the Android Marketplace goes:

“Blackjack Attack is a fun, well polished arcade-style rendition of the old classic blackjack for the Android mobile operating system.”

I couldn’t agree more.  The moment you fire up the game, you’d be greeted by sleek-looking main menu where you are given the chance to play two game modes – Classic Mode and Blitz Mode. In Classic Mode, you need to score all 21’s (or as close as you can) as quickly as you can without getting busted – that is getting three cards with more than 21 total points. In Blitz Mode, you need to score as many 21s as you can in one deck of cards and busting is allowed. Also in each of these game modes, you can choose either to play 3 stack, 4, stack and 5 stack of cards corresponding to easy, normal and hard difficulty.

BlackJack Attack Android game also lets you keep track of your scores as well as view a global scoreboard to compare how good or bad you are against other BlackJack Attack players. The game also has a comprehensive instruction on how to play the game successfully. The instructions include an overview, gameplay, and scoring instructions for both Classic and Blitz Modes.

The game also lets you set sound and your location so that you can use the global scoreboard.

To sum up, BlackJack is a pretty good Android game not only in terms of gameplay but also in terms of interface design and other features. If you are a BlackJack player you’d enjoy this game. If you’re not into card games like me, you might also want to try this game since you might enjoy it like I did.

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