Blockstacker Android Game Review


At first glance, Blockstacker Android game seems like your typical block-stacking, puzzle game. You have the usual different colored squares falling one by one from the top of the screen and forming a stack of blocks on the lower part of the screen until you can no longer eliminate them or at least prevent them from filling up the screen – by that time, the game will be over and you have to restart the game. But unlike other games of this type, the game developers added a peculiar twist into the gameplay. Did that twist give this classic type of game a new flavor?

Game Play

As mentioned, Blockstacker is a block-stacking, puzzle game. At the start of the game, your Android phone’s screen will have several blocks of different color stacked up in random fashion. Blocks will fall from the top of the screen one by one. And the game play requires you to prevent these blocks from filling up the game screen, otherwise – it’s game over. Your main task is to eliminate these blocks in stacks to earn points and prevent these blocks from filling up the screen. Stacking blocks of similar colored should be vertically. If you’ve successfully stacked up 3 or more blocks of the same color vertically, the blocks will be eliminated and you’ll earn points. That’s basically how the game works. To move the blocks, you just drag them from left to right. Take note, you can only drag rows of blocks from left to right or right to left.


Like other games of this type, the game also has special blocks that you can use to your advantage – that is increase your points. There are skulls, orbs, keys, and bombs that you can stack up that will give you more points and help you eliminate more blocks. For example, stacking up two blue orbs will eliminate 10 blocks of the same color. Or a yellow orb will remove all blocks on the same row or column. And there are more of these special items will randomly appear so you must take note of them and use them to your advantage.

When it comes to graphics, these types of games don’t require too much from the graphics department. There’s not many details to display. What is important is that the game does not hang or slow down. Fortunately, Blockstacker does not. The game also has the usual highscores and leaderboard.


Blockstacker is a well built game. It’s simple game play is its strongest point. If you’re fond of puzzle games that involves block stacking you will surely enjoy this game. Blockstacker is available from the Android Market for around $1.41. A trial version is also available for download.


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