Blood & Glory – The Android Game Review


Are you not Entertained? Those words have been stuck in my head since I saw Gladiator years back, and ever since then I’ve wanted a “decent” Gladiator game. There have been a lot of contenders over the years, but to be honest most of them sucked. Finding a decent Gladiator game for Android had never crossed my mind and then I saw Blood & Glory from Glu Mobile in the market. Bloody & Glory looks great, there’s no doubt about that but how it plays is the real test. Is the gameplay a letdown or does it pass the test? Read on to find out…


While you won’t be running around the arena, the controls are still fun and very simple to use. You slash at your opponent with your finger, and press your shield to block. You can also dodge right or left and do counters which work great if you time them right. Last but not least, you have a special attack gauge that fills up a little each time you dodge an attack and lets you unleash your rage when it’s full. At first I thought it was a little too easy, but trust me it definitely gets harder as the tournaments progress.


Now we get to the meat of the game with the Tournaments and gear. Blood & Glory has 10 Tournents with 5 rounds each giving you a total of 50 battles. You get a special award if you make it through the tournament without losing which is increasingly difficult as the tourneys progress. I got Invictus on the first 3, before having trouble with the last guy and in the 4th tourney; I plan on going back and taking that guy out once I level my gear up. Speaking of the gear, Blood & Glory gives you plenty to choose from with 6 sets of armor, 11 helmets, 16 weapons, and 10 shields. You can also purchase power-up potions, featured gear, coins, and Glu Credits of course.


I really enjoyed Blood & Glory and it’s nice to see a good gladiator game finally in the market. I really did think the game was going to be easy after the first tournament, but by the time I got to the 3rd I was having to work at it. The graphics were great as well, and I really liked the fact they put out a separate Bloody version of the game for those of us who like it gruesome. Overall, I’ve got nothing bad to really say about Blood & Glory other than it would be nice to have prices lowered on the gear a little. I’d highly recommend everyone check out Blood & Glory, you can the regular and bloody (NR) versions of the game for free in the Android market.


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