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Bouncy Mouse – Android Game Review


While trolling through the Android app market this weekend I came across an addictive little game called Bouncy Mouse. Bouncy Mouse is a great new game where you play an elastic tailed mouse who’s out to defeat Captain Cat and get back his cheese. It’s similar to Angry Birds as you’ll be “flinging” the mouse around, but that’s honestly where the comparisons end. Bouncy Mouse has a lot of things that make it unique, and developers Munkadoo Games look to have a big hit on their hands.


All you need to do to get started is pull your mouse back, and let him rip. There are “magic pegs” that you’ll want to aim for, as Bouncy Mouse’s tail will attach to those. You’ll fire from those and can also bounce off anything that’s nearby… you are a bouncy mouse after all. You don’t have to collect all the cheese to advance to the next level; you’ll just need to make it to Captain Cat. You do get some very cool extras if you collect all the cheese though. It starts out relatively easy, but does get pretty tricky early on. I’m actually stuck right now trying to fling the mouse between a set of moving bees. Yup, there are bees, spiders, birds, and quite a few other things you’ll need to watch out for.


There are 30 levels in Bouncy Mouse, with 10 levels in each colorful world. They’ve already said that more levels are coming in the fall which is great to hear, as this is an awesome game. Besides the killer gameplay; my favorite part so far is unlocking the extras. When you collect all the cheese on a level you’ll get something really cool to accessorize your mouse with like swords, eye-patches, sombreros, and more. It’s pretty cool being able to customize mousy as you’re zipping through the levels.


Bouncy Mouse is one of the most addictive games I’ve played in quite some time; if you like those angry birds, you’ll love Bouncy Mouse. The graphics are very well done, and the soundtrack fits the game perfectly. It’s also easy enough where anyone should be able to play it, but has just the right amount of difficulty to keep the true gamers interested as well. Bouncy Mouse is a fun, free game and I would HIGHLY recommend that you check it out.