Captain America Sentinel of Liberty – Android Game Review


Captain America may not be as cool as Wolverine to some folks, but he’s always been a favorite of mine. Marvel put out a Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty over the weekend to promote the new Captain America movie that dropped on Friday. The movie was awesome (Kudos to Chris Evans), and the game is pretty damn fun as well. While the gameplay wasn’t quite what I expected; Captain America Sentinel of Liberty was tons of fun nonetheless.


Captain America Sentinel of Liberty is not your average Super-Hero game where you’ll roam around whipping up on the bad guys. In this side-scroller you’ll literally run left and right through the levels while taking out the villainous Red Skulls henchmen. That being said, there’s a lot more to it than that. You can charge the enemy, slide on your shield; swing from poles, kick & punch, and even sling that famous shield. It’s very easy to get the hang of, and although I’ve only gotten to play a few levels so far they’ve added several new tricks already. As it isn’t your general free-roaming game, most folks should be able to pick this up and play it with relative ease.


There are 24 levels spread across 3 different locations: The Battlefield, Factory, and The Bomber. You’ll get points from taking down enemies, but you’ll also want to collect Hydra Intel files as your traveling throughout the levels. The Hydra files will enable you to unlock some cool extra costumes and comic covers. Captain America Sentinel of Liberty also has a leaderboard, achievements, and cut-scene videos to watch.  As a comic fan I really enjoyed the cut-scenes, they looked great and stayed with the storyline from the movie without spoiling it for people that haven’t seen it yet.


I think Marvel knocked it out of the park with their first Android Superhero game which is good and bad. It’s good as I’m looking forward to anything else they put out, but bad because as great as this one came out, I’m wondering why we didn’t get Thor or X-Men First Class. Tell me a physics based Magneto game (hint hint) wouldn’t be awesome? Captain America has slick graphics, and the gameplay was silky smooth on my aging Captivate. While it might not play like your typical superhero game, it’s still a lot of fun; especially if you’re a fan of the good old Cap’. You can pick up Captain America Sentinel of Liberty in the Android market while it’s still on sale for the super- low price of .99 cents.


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