Chalk Ball Android Game Review


Chalk Ball is the first Android game released by a new group called “The Pill Tree.” It’s a fresh take on the always popular “bouncing game” genre with a few twists. You have to use your finger to draw a chalk line that gives your ball something to bounce off so it will not hit the ground. You need to hit other balls to build up your chalk meter so you can keep drawing fresh lines to keep the ball going. It’s a simple game that has lots of depth and loads of fun.

Game Play

You can bounce the chalk ball off the top and sides of the screen, you just can’t let it hit the bottom.  There are several different power-ups you get from hitting the various balls placed on the screen. I got some that were aptly named fast, slow, refill and gravity. I’m sure you could guess what the ball’s special functions were. The best power up I got was the “Safe Ground” one that let’s you hit the ground once without ending your game.

Game Modes

There are two main modes in the game: Survival and Adventure. In Survival mode you have four levels of difficulty and the object is to keep the ball going as long as possible. With Adventure mode, you get two levels (free version) each with a theme. The first kind called “The Easy Way” gets you acclimated to the game. While the second, which is called “2 leagues under the sea” gets, more challenging and has a sea theme. You get two more levels in the paid version.


Chalk ball uses open feint and there is also an Achievement section within the game. This was definitely a fun and somewhat frustrating game to play, a must have if you like this type of game. The paid version is available for $2.07 in the Android Market along with the free version.  This was a great first game from “The Pill Tree” and I look forward to seeing what they come out with in the future.

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