Chalk Ball Released for Android

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Here’s another classic example of how a game which has simple graphics can be fun and entertaining. With a solid gameplay, enough features – and you’ve got a great game that can easily compete against other graphics-heavy Android games. We’re referring to Chalk Ball, a fairly new Android game which at first you wouldn’t believe could be a highly entertaining and addictive.


Chalk Ball is a casual Android game with a simple gameplay. All you have to do is to draw a line using a virtual chalk that will keep the ball from bouncing up and not make it drop. If you fail, the game is over and you will have to restart.

Simple? Yes. So where’s the fun in it? Well, aside from keeping the ball from dropping you must also target other balls which will award you with various things such as additional “chalk ink” to recover your depleted chalk. Failure to recover the chalk will end the game as well. So, with this Chalk Ball now becomes a bouncing ball game and makes the game even more fun and challenging.

Anothing reason that makes Chalk Ball Android game challenging is the fact that the ball bounces off by chance. Well yes, you can pretty much aim for the other balls but right after hitting the balls, it’s back to a guessing game again – anticipating the direction where it will fall so that you can draw a line to block its path.


When it comes to graphics, there’s nothing much to discuss about this game. The game environment is a blackboard like, gray plain where hand-drawn balls randomly appear. Even the line that you draw to block off the ball is rendered as if you are writing on a board using an actual chalk. In other words, the graphics is simple but what matters most is the game physics that goes with the graphics rendering. What can I say about the game physics? – simply flawless and fluid.

The game has other features as well. There are two game modes available – survival and adventures. Survival is a never-ending game of trying to prevent the ball for dropping off while at the same time hitting other balls and preventing the chalk from getting depleted. While the Adventure mode is your typical story mode where the game progresses in levels and you must complete one level to move on to another level.


Obviously, if you’ve read this review from start to finish you might have guessed by now that we

really like this game. In all honesty, we do. The game does what a casual game should do

– entertain by proving a fun game with solid gameplay.

Chalk Ball is available in both free, ad-supported version and paid version which will cost you $2.06. Get Chalk Ball from the Android Market now.

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