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Climb Up the Food Chain with Grow for Android


There’s a new fish game in the market by the name of Grow from Epic Pixel. Sure, there are a lot of “fish eat fish” games in the market, but this one does things a bit differently. You start out as a tiny egg, and you’ll need to eat your smaller brethren in order to survive. You will be able to eat the bigger fish as you grow, and you can get some power-ups to help you out as well. Don’t let the cute looks fool you either, it get’s pretty challenging as the levels progress.


As a tiny fish, in a big bowl; you’ll need to fight your way to the top of the food chain. Controlling your fish is made simple by using the onscreen joystick. There are two main modes of gameplay with the Adventure & Survival modes. In adventure mode, you have to eat a certain amount of fish (while not being eaten) before the level will advance. Occasionally, you’ll get a survival level thrown in there as well, where you just need to beat the clock. In survival mode, you simply have to survive. There is no timer, your strictly going for the high-score and coins.


There are 64 levels that are spread out across 4 different environments in Adventure Mode. Survival mode gives you the seven endless levels and has a global leader board. The power-ups are fun, and there are 17 upgrades to unlock as well. You will get magnets, speed and size along with other upgrades. There are also six different types of “enemy fish” like the Puffer fish, and the Angler. All the upgrades will cost you coins, so be sure to get as many as you can.


Grow is a fun, casual time-killer that anyone can enjoy. Overall, the fish look great & the game has a unique style all its own. There are plenty of levels and two modes of play, so the replay factor is Excellent as well.  There isn’t a free version available at this time, but you can grab the full version from the market for 1.99.