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CliqueIt Beta – Group Photo Sharing App Review


There’s a new photo sharing Android app that just entered the Market called, “CliqueIt.” It’s still in the beta stages, but has a lot of potential. Sure there are countless other photo sharing apps, but this one does it a little differently. With CliqueIt you can join mobile communities, and share photos with only those in your group. You can make your own public or private (password protected) groups, letting you share with everyone, or only those you choose.


From the main screen, you can “Host” a community or join an already made community. Once you are in the community room you can view your inbox, browse the photos on your phone, or take a new picture to share. You can also check who’s in the channel with the “Who’s Online” feature, as well as leave the community to join another. The Gallery function shows the photo’s currently on your phone from two different views. Once you find a picture you want to share with your group, you just click the picture; add a caption (if you want) and your good to go.

Your inbox lets you browse photos that have been sent to the group, while you’ve had the app running. If you leave it running in the background while doing other tasks you will receive a notification when new pictures are available. You can give those pictures a thumbs-up or thumbs-down once you view them. Thumbs-up saves those pictures to your sd-card/phone, while thumbs-down will reject them.It’s nice that you don’t have to register to use the app, just pick a user name, join a community and start sharing. CliqueIt also sends the entire picture, not just a small thumbnail.


Recursion Software did a nice job with CliqueIt, and you have to remember that it’s still in Beta. It’s great to have a “Private” group, and send out invitations to the people you want in the group. The only issue I had was a little lag when scrolling the gallery. It was minor on my phone, and the developers are already working to fix it. They are running a great promotion right now as well, giving away $10 dollar gift cards to the first 100 people to give them “real” feedback on the app. It’s really a cool app, and will get better once they get more users in the system. If you love to share photos, it is definitely worth a look. You can pick it up for free in the Android Market.