Clouds & Sheep Android Game Review


Tired of shooting birds at pigs or blasting off zombies head? Well, believe it or not folks you can still enjoy mobile gaming without going through the admittedly popular violence-induced mobile games that we have today. So, for a change why not try playing around with some cute and fluffy clouds and sheep instead? Thanks to Clouds and Sheep Android game, you can now enjoy fun hours tending to sheeps, manipulating white, fluffy clouds and end up feeling good over the fact that your kids can still enjoy mobile gaming minus the violence.

Clouds and Sheep Android game is a charming, little sandbox game which features – clouds and sheeps. It’s a slow-paced type of game sans the action, explosion and bloods popular in many mobile games today. It’s a great casual game that both you and your kids will enjoy playing together.



The premise of the game is simple – make your sheeps happy and you’ll earn Happy Points. You can use those Happy Points to purchase other items that will make your sheep-tending chores easier and more fun. To aid you with your duty are those white, fluffy clouds that hovers on top of the playing field. You can use these clouds to pour rain into your herd, grow plants and flowers which your sheeps can enjoy to mate with each other and feed themselves.

The game itself starts off with missions that you should accomplish to progress into the game. This include, making rain by combining clouds, finding a female and male sheep and make them fall in love, roll sheeps into a solid rock, toss sheeps around to make them happier, and other simple tasks.

Not everything is as peaceful as they may seem. Along the way, your sheep might encounter some danger such as eating poisonous plants and more. It is your duty then, as a good shepherd to make sure that you sheeps stay safe at all times. Do that and it will be a wonderful world for your sheeps and you as well.


Clouds & Sheep is available now as a free download from the Android Market. A paid, ad-free version is also available for a fee.



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