CNET News Android App Review

Frankly, I don’t really use news reader apps on mobile phones. I prefer to read news on my iPad obviously because of its larger screen. But I did have one particular news reader app on my iPhone – CNET News. It’s a pretty good news reader app for iPhone – simple and clean interface, fast loading and gives you the latest news on CNET news network. So now, guess what? CNET News is now available as an Android app as well.

CNET News for Android is a complete port of the app’s version for iOS devices. The app offers the same features and functionality but only this time, to quote CNET Download Blog – the app has been “androidified.”  The app features article bookmarking,  reading news in full-screen mode on your Android phone, mobile-optimized searching, and resizing fonts as you read news stories. You can also share news stories to your friends using the available networking apps on your Android phones – Twitter, SMS, Email and more.

An extra feature of the app is the Twitter feed of CNET editors and personalities. So, if you’ve been following some of these people on Twitter, you can now read their Twitter feeds also via the CNET News Android app.

CNET News Android app also features a horizontal blog navigation bar at the top of your Android phone’s screen. You can swipe through this navigation bar to see more CNET News blogs including Crave, Webware, Green Tech and more.

Finally, one nice feature of CNET News for Android is that news are loaded on your phone without pagination. This makes it easier to read the news as you don’t have to wait for the next page to load up for longer news items.

Overall, CNET News for Android is a great Android app which you’d certainly want to use especially if you’re an avid reader of CNET NEws network. CNET News for Android is a free app and you can download it now from the Android Market.


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