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TRON: LiveCycle is a new Android game created to promote TRON: Legacy movie and Coke Zero. If you’ve watched the movie you will definitely like this game. If you haven’t watched the movie (like myself), well you can still find this game worthwhile if only for its cool factor. Let’s the game is an augmented-reality type of game with a dash of location-based feature. Sounds fun? Actually it is a fun and enjoyable game.

If you’ve watched TRON: Legacy, you’ll be familiar with how the light cycle battles. This is how this game is played. Using your Android phone’s GPS feature, you need to track your movements and create a light wall as you move along. The thing is, you have to move in the real world to create your wall. You’ll see the changes made by your movements on your phone’s screen. Likewise, you will also see the enemy’s wall created.  Now, the objective of the game is of course to force other players to crash into your light wall without you crashing into their light walls. Your score will depend on how long your light wall grows and when your opponent crashes into your wall.

That’s how simple the game works. Of course, the fun happens as you rush along trying to force your enemy to crash into your light wall. You will have to hasten your real movements to do so.  As a reminder, make sure that you are playing this Android game in an open-area, as much as possible free from obstructions.

So there. Does this game sounds interesting to you? You can download it for free from the Android Market. To help you figure out how the game works, watch the video demo below.

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