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Colorful Retro Fun with Kami Retro for Android


I’ve always enjoyed games that have a Retro feel, and remind me of the games I played when I was younger. I was browsing around for some Retro Android Apps last week and I stumbled across a great little platformer called Kami Retro. When I saw it was put out by Gamevil, I knew it would be a solid game. Well, I wasn’t wrong Kami Retro is the epitome of Retro, and it’s a lot of fun as well. The days of the Trapper Keeper and Parachute Pants may be gone, but you can still reminisce a bit with a great game like Kami Retro…


The gameplay in Kami Retro is pretty straight forward, and you’re going to be doing A LOT of jumping in this game. The goal for each level is to get from the green door to the red door, but it won’t be easy. You’ll need to jump to collect stars along the way, and as soon as your little blocky man gets near the red door, another man will pop out the green door ready to go. Like I said, you’ll need to be quick. The controls are all swipe based; you’ll swipe to jump or change directions, and touch/drag to move specific objects. There will also be several different objects you’ll need to use in order to reach the red door. The first word has bounce platforms you can place where needed, and the second world has moveable fans. The other worlds will have their own tricks too, but I won’t spoil those for you.


There are 5 different worlds to unlock in Kami Retro, and each one has its own unique Retro theme. You’ll start out in the Countryside, and once you collect 20 stars in that world you can advance to the Funfair stage. The other levels are named Spooky, Candyland, and Disco. I’m only to the Funfair world, but I can’t wait to see how trippy the Disco world is. Each world has 12 levels plus an extra bonus level. That’s 60 levels of funky retro fun! There aren’t many extras in the game, but the one they did include was pretty sweet. You can change your Kami’s appearance and put on the costume of a Bear, Cat, Bunny, or Robot!


If the classic Pitfall had a baby with Super Mario Bros. it would look a lot like Kami Retro. The graphics are about as retro as you can get, and are look outstanding. The gameplay is also super smooth, you’ll have to be quick, but the controls are simple to use. It’s a very polished game, and frankly I would expect nothing less from Gamevil. Every time they drop a game, you can bet it’s going to be a good one. Kami Retro screams 80s gaming, and it’s one of my favorite titles to come out so far this year. If you’re looking for something with a Retro vibe, I would highly recommend you check this funky little game. Kami Retro is free to download from the Android market.