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Glu Mobile has put out some killer games over the years, and in their newest game you actually get to play a killer. Contract Killer puts you in the role of a Hitman for hire, and you’ll have to take out your targets in a variety of locations. Whether you’re taking out a mob boss, or just a regular street thug, there is plenty for you to do in this game. It’s very easy to pick up and play, the graphics are great, and well…you get to play a Hitman! Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? I took out countless mob bosses, and leveled my character up to 7 before deciding to do this review.  Here are my thoughts on Contract Killer…


The gameplay is simple, and straightforward. You simply take a mission, locate your target, and take them out. You’ll gain missions through contacts on the map and each one will have different goals. Sometimes you’ll have to take out the boss first & then his goons, while other times it’s just one person. Once you take your first shot, the criminals will start firing back so you’ll want to be quick. When you complete the contracts goals, you will receive the cash reward along with some XP. You will need to keep track of your energy, as each mission you do requires a certain amount of energy. Your energy will refill slowly by itself, or whenever you go up a level.


You’ll take people down across 5 different 3D locations, and there is a storyline to the game as well as the  random missions. There are 17 missions based on that storyline; those icons are red on the map, so they’re easy to find. As far as the weapons go you’ll get to use sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols, shotguns, and SMG’s. Besides selling weapons, the store also sells med-kits, ammo, and energy.  Some weapons will be available at the start, others will be unlocked as you level up in the game. The highest level gun I saw in the game was the level 15 Swat SMG. There are a few other weapons that are higher, but they sell for credits. You can get those credits from the store, it has a section for in-game purchases, and lets you buy credits or cash from within the game.


As a huge fan of the old “Hitman” games, I was excited to see this game. The graphics are slick, and it’s very easy to play. The only real complaint I have is while they do a good job of mixing up the random & storyline missions, it still got a bit monotonous after awhile. If they add in new missions or locations with future updates, it would give the game some extra life. That being said, I still enjoyed playing the game, and look forward to seeing what Glu does next. You can pick up Contract Killer in the Android Market for free.

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