Contract Killer: Zombies – Android Game Review


As it is October and getting closer to Halloween I’m going to try and cover more Halloween themed Android apps and games. Contract Killer: Zombies may not be Halloween themed, but it does have Zombies and who doesn’t enjoy a few Zombies this time of year? Glu Mobile changed this version of Contract Killer up a bit from the first one, but the basics stay the same. Didn’t play the first one? All you need to know is you’re going to do a lot of killing, and you’ll do it with a wide variety of weaponry…


The gameplay is pretty straightforward in Contract Killer: Zombies as your main goal is taking on missions, killing zombies and upgrading your weapons. The main screen shows a map with various missions, the store and your stats. All missions are of the zombie killing variety although some missions will have you escorting/protecting survivors and gathering supplies. There is a storyline to the game as well with some very nice voice work; anytime you see a “!” symbol on a mission it’s a storyline mission and will advance the storyline in the game. Other missions require you to have survivors in your party and/or supplies; overall it’s a nice mix and a change of pace from the first Contract Killer. The actual shooting setup is very simple an only uses three buttons; you’ll have a firing button, one that switches weapons and a zoom button. All the reloading is done automatically, but you do get a gauge that blinks red when you’re fixing to reload.


I’m not sure of the level/mission count in the game, but I can give you a count on the weapons. There are 23 weapons in all including 2 pistols, 4 shotguns, 7 machine guns, 6 rifles, 2 grenade launchers and 2 healing guns. Out of those 23 weapons, 11 can only be bought using Glu Credits, and as you might guess they are the best weapons in the game. If you want “The Reckoning” Grenade Launcher it will set you back 600 Glu Credits which comes out to around $20.00 if you try and buy it outright. What about normal weapons bought with in-game currency? The most expensive weapon cash-wise is the Boarles .50 cal Sniper rifle which costs $78,000. Well, if you want to buy extra money to use in the game to buy that weapon, $64,000 will run you 20 bucks while 200,000 worth of in game cash goes for a whopping $40.00. Yes, you can play the missions and earn cash, but the payouts are pretty cheap in my opinion and you’re going do A LOT of missions to get that much money. The whole cash earned vs. the price of Glu Credits and extra money ratio is a bit warped to say the least…


After that little rant about the cost of in-game goodies, you may thing I don’t like the game. Well, you’d be wrong as Contract Killer: Zombies is actually a great game with some issues. The graphics are Excellent and some of the best I’ve seen on Android, especially in a shooting game. The environments have a gritty, end of the world vibe and the gameplay is top-notch. The missions can get a little monotonous, and the cost of things via in-app purchasing is beyond ridiculous… but it’s still a fun game. Gripes aside, if you want to take out hordes of Zombies, Contract Killer: Zombies is your best bet just keep in mind you’re going to have to work a lot or pay a lot for the good gear. You can pick up Contract Killer Zombies in the Android Market for free, and you can get it in a Gory or Non-Gory version.


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