CoPilot – Android’s Complete GPS system

There have been many other GPS Android apps that offer various features aside from Copilot. Apps such as the obvious Google Maps app and the TeleNav app come to mind, each offering their own twist on GPS navigation. The problem with these other apps? They don’t offer a dedicated all-in-one GPS app that just works out-of-the-box with no need for 3G Internet or monthly subscriptions. ALK Technologies released CoPilot Live to satisfy those missing niches for Android in 2009 for the affordable price of $34.99 in the Android Market. Originally made to run on the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1), HTC Magic, and HTC Hero it now works on most any Android system seamlessly.

This GPS Navigation functions just like a regular dedicated GPS from say Garmin or TomTom and so does not need an active data connection or subscription. It works solely off of the maps which are stored locally on your microSD card which is somewhat of a drag since the maps for the USA are over 1.5GB, but the functionality is certainly worth it. Maps for Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and I now believe South America are all available. Some extras for CoPilot do need a data connection such as the real-time traffic alerts, and family/friends tracker to see where they are, but that is all normal.

Other features include:

• Flickable scrolling menus and maps supports touch screen gesture recognition
• Clear turn-by-turn voice directions with a choice of voices
• Widescreen portrait or landscape mode
• CoPilot® LiveLink™ location sharing allows you to view the location of your CoPilot friends on-screen and share your location with them
• Phone integration, allowing direct dialling to POIs, location sending via text and photo navigation
• Safety camera alerts with free database updates

(Feature List courtesy of ATK Technologies)

Overall this is a pretty solid app with all you’d need in a GPS Navigation solution. The only hiccup I’ll note is the ATK Technologies tech support is usually little to no help but definitely not a deal breaker. So $34 for a full GPS I think is preety sweet.


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