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Cricket World Cup 2011 Android App Review

Just in time for the opening of Cricket World Cup 2011 on February 19, one of the most comprehensive Cricket app on the Android Market has just been updated. We’re talking about Cricket World Cup 2011. This Android app has everything you need to stay in touch of the happenings in the Cricket World Cup. In other words, CWC 2011 Android app is a feature- rich app that every Android phone-owning Cricket fans should download.

Cricket World App 2011 User Interface

First thing you’ll notice the moment you fire up this Android app for the first time is its well-designed user interface and overall look and feel. It’s either the developers of this Android app is a full-pledged Cricket fans or a great app developer. Or perhaps both. The app is easy to use and navigate and loads fast even on sloppy 3G connection. The overall look is straight-forward and simple and gives you what matters most when it comes to Cricket World Cup.

The main screen gives you a nice banner on top and immediately below it are several options which you can tap on Р(Live) Matches, World Cup Tree, PointsTablet, Teams, Twitter link, Grounds, and News.  On the secondary pages and succeeding pages, the overall theme of the app is carried out very well.

Cricket World Cup 2011 – Features

When it comes to features, this Android app is as great as its interface is. It provides you with live score, commentary, statistics, and World Cup trivia. Making the app even more useful are the live notifications for scores and wickets plus the facility for adding reminders for matches on your Android phone’s calendar. This ensures that you’ll never miss a single game in the Cricket World Cup 2011. The app also has a nice social feature, specifically since its supports Twitter integration.

Cricket World Cup 2011 – Verdict

Undoubtedly, this Android app is possibly one of the best if not the best Cricket app available for the Android platform. It loads and performs fast and the Cricket information that the app provides are more than enough to make your Cricket World Cup 2011 watching experience a very pleasant one.

Cricket World Cup 2011 Android app is available as a free download from the Android Market.