Critter Rollers – Android Game Review


We’ve seen a lot of games lately that involve flinging or firing things in some way shape or form, and Critter Rollers is the newest game to jump into the fray. The Rampant Mango Collective (that’s a mouthful) have put out an Android game with simple controls, lots of levels, and plenty of cannons. Yup, cannons will be your main mode of transportation as you fire yourself through the colorful stages. Will this game blow you away or misfire? Read on to find out…


Control-wise, this is one of the simpliest games I’ve ever played. You’ll tap the screen to fire the cannon, and tap the screen to do a little jump when necessary. That’s it folks, no D-pad, virtual joystick, turbo button or anything else… just a simple tap. You’ll move around the levels by firing yourself into other cannons to reach each levels goal (a sprinkle covered doughnut) while looking for treats and trying to set the best time. Timing is very important in this game as you’re racing to set the best time, and also have to time some your cannon shots to avoid hitting spikes, lava or any other hazard.


As mentioned, Cannons will be your main mode of transportation and there are 4 different ones you’ll use. Green cannons automatically fire you while Red cannons let you choose you’re launching time. Brown cannons rotate and Blue cannons count as a save point & fire normally. You’re awarded a medal based on your time for each level, and if you get the gold plus all the treats you’ll get a platinum level. There are 20 levels to try over 2 planets in the free version, all extra levels can be bought via the in-app purchasing system.


I wasn’t sure what to make of this game at first, as it almost seemed a bit too simple. As I started having to time my shots and jump more often, that quickly changed and I got sucked into the game. Some of the in-air jumps can be a real bitch to get around and one in-particular had me stuck for quite a while. Normally, I hate the whole in-app purchasing system as a lot of times you end up spending more in the end, but that’s not the case with Critter Rollers. If you like the free version, you can buy the VIP pack to get all the levels (extra planet + 30 levels) and receive all future updates  and levels for free. Nice touch guys, especially considereing that some games charge you for every level pack that comes out. Overall, I enjoyed this game a lot especially its simple yet challanging gameplay. It’s a fun little game, and you can check it out in the Android market.


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