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Cut the Rope for Android – The Review


Last week we got Burn the Rope, and this week we got another Rope game ported over to Android called Cut the Rope. While both games deal with rope, there are some big differences between the two games. Don’t think that Cut the Rope is just you’re average “slicing” game, because there’s a whole lot more to it than that. ZeptoLab’s brings a fun & challenging game to the table that has A LOT of levels, and some very slick gameplay. I was pleasantly surprised by the new twists each new “Box” brings, and it’s one of those games that everyone will be able to play and enjoy.


The premise of Cut the Rope is that you’ll need to feed a cute little monster called Om Nom. He arrives in a box at your doorstep and he looooves Candy! The only problem is the Candy is suspended by ropes, and you’ll have to cut those ropes to get Om Nom his candy. It’s definitely not as simple as it sounds; the candy on the ropes will swing and float which makes it hard to get the candy directly into Om Nom’s mouth. You’ll also want to collect the 3 stars on each level as you go; you won’t have to get them all (or any) to advance to the next level, but you will need a certain amount of stars to unlock the next box/world. If you like a game with lots of levels, you’ll enjoy Cut the Rope as it has 175 levels with more on the way.


The levels start out fairly easy, in the Cardboard Box I was able to get 3 stars on every level except for a few, but the 2nd world/Fabric Box, was a different story. There are 7 themed boxes out so far including Cardboard, Fabric, Foil, Magic, Valentines, Gift, and Cosmic. Each box will also introduce a new set of challenges. You’ll get bubbles & spikes in the first world, and squeeze blowers & spiders in the 2nd just to name a few; I definitely don’t want to spoil all the challenging surprises in store for you. I will say the Magic Hats have been my favorite so far, but I’ve yet to finish the game out. Cut the Rope also utilizes the Scoreloop system to let you keep track of your achievements from within the game.


Overall, Cut the Rope is a fun game that’s great for all ages. The graphics are excellent, and I really liked the cute monster in different boxes theme the levels have. I did have an issue a few times with the moving rope hooks; some of the ropes hooked to these where short and you can end up moving the hooks instead of cutting the rope. Only happened a few times on certain levels, definitely nothing major to gripe about. Besides being a great game, Cut the Rope is also 100% free! Getjar has an exclusive on it at the moment, so you can’t get it from anywhere but I would highly recommend picking up Cut the Rope, you won’t be disappointed!

Cut the Rope