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As we reported yesterday Glu Mobile dropped their new Hunting game called Deer Hunter Reloaded. Well, we’re back a little sooner than I thought with our full review of the game, and if you’re thinking “sooner is better” you’d be wrong in this case…


Deer Hunter Reloaded is an energy based game that lets you take on missions to build up your Hunter and advance in the game. Every mission you take will cost you some (a lot) energy, but gives you back XP and cash. It’s a formula that most of us are used to by now, and it works well in most cases depending on your energy’s refresh rate. Personally, I’m getting a little burned out on the whole time-based concept, but what can ya’ do…

On the flipside of things Glu has made killing animals easy as the controls behind Deer Hunter Reloaded are great for novices and Pro’s alike. When you’re in hunting mode you’ll pan the area by dragging your finger across the screen, and if an animal goes behind cover you can move left or right with the buttons on either side of the screen. As you’d expect you’ve got a button for firing, another for your scope, and one more for a new feature called X-Ray vision. .460 King Viper.


Deer Hunter Reloaded has quite a few nice weapons to unlock, and some cool gear for your Hunter as well. There are around 16 weapons that range from your trusty old 12-gauge shotgun to hand-cannons like the .460 King Viper. Each gun can be upgraded, and you can change the weapons finish to better match your environment. You can also purchase new shirts, pants, and vest for your avatar along with powerups like mating calls, hollow points, and silencers. If you like challenges/achievements Deer Hunter has plenty of those, and there’s a cool Stampede mode that just lets you blast away. 

As cool as the gear is, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. You’ll notice this fairly quickly when the game constantly reminds you to buy higher powered weapons that you can’t afford. It gets annoying pretty quickly when you’re reminded between every level to buy a certain weapon. You can complete missions without it, but you’ll have to be a damned expert as you need a higher caliber weapon to take down bears and bigger game. You can get around this by using powerups like emergency hollow points, but again these will cost you “Gold” which you can only get with cash or by completing crappy free offers.


Deer Hunter Reloaded could have been a great game, but Glu Mobile virtually crippled it with its jacked up in-app purchasing setup. I had a blast playing it last night, until I was stonewalled and forced to use my gold bars on powerups to complete missions where my weapon wasn’t strong enough. I actually ended up drained my energy trying to kill a caribou with a weak rifle, so I had to wait for a while for the energy to build back again. Actually, I didn’t wait I just uninstalled the game when I noticed half of the 16 weapons require you to “buy” them using gold. Deer Hunter Reloaded isn’t a horrible game, but it is crippled and you don’t even really “hunt” as all the animals are right damned in front of you. I’m sure a lot of folks will still enjoy the game as it does look great and it’s easy to play, but it’s just not for me as it’s a little to locked down for my tastes . If you want to give Deer Hunter Reloaded a go, you can pick it up on Google Play for free.


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