Deluxe Moon Android App Review

I’ve tried a few moon phase apps and widgets for Android but so far I haven’t encountered such an Android app as beautiful and as functional as Deluxe Moon Android app. From the app’s main screen, to its Android phone widget,  to the moon and zodiac information it  provides – I would have to say that the developer of this app is definitely a moon lover – or an astronomy and astrology expert.

Deluxe Moon Android App – Features

Deluxe Moon is a robust moon phase Android app that allows you to view various moon phases by specific date in the calendar. It provides useful moon related information including – moon phase, moonrise, moonset, astrological signs, moon age, location, day of the week, date today, and more.

The app gives you several options from the app’s homescreen. You see this at the bottom your Android Phone’s screen. Tapping on the link will yield the following customization settings to direct the app on how you want the Deluxe Moon widget and homescreen would be display. You can change the app’s background color, set location-specific information such as location detection, country, latitude and longitude. It also let you select specific date, time, GMT offset, and Zodiac information.

Aside from these options, Deluxe Moon Android app also lets you view a moon and zodiac calendar and a zodiac wheel. You can also share moon phase information using your Android phone’s various sharing apps – email, facebook, twitter and others.

One cool feature of this Android is the sort-of interactive moon graphics which you can “drag-turn” using finger gesture to reveal moon phases on specific dates in the calendar.

Deluxe Moon Android App – Our Say

Like I said, Deluxe Moon Android app is one of the best-looking and useful moon phase apps for Android, so far. Thankfully, it’s not another one-of-your run-of-the-mill Android app that were hurriedly developed and designed.

Whoever developed this Android app certainly has a penchant for anything and everything about the moon, astronomy and astrology.

Deluxe Moon Android App is available now from the Android Marketplace – both as a free lite version and paid version that will cost you $5.77.

Too see the app in action, check out the video below.


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