Device Tune-Up – T-Mobile Made Another App

T-Mobile was the first company to give the Android OS a shot with the HTC G1/Dream and has been very enthusiastic about supporting the Andrroid movement. Sure they can’t offer warranties to modified phones (rooted phones) but they can’t be expected to pay for other people’s noobish mistakes. In any case, now T-Mobile is expanding its app portfolio by offering an Android app called Device Tune-Up. The app will proactively shutdown unused or old services to expand battery life and your phone’s overall performance.

“Device Tune-up is different from most task killers because it does not require you to do anything. Device Tune-up will default to ‘on’.  While on, Device Tune-up proactively closes services to help the device and battery perform at their best. Most pre-loaded applications will not be affected by Device Tune-up. For our non-technical users, this may mean you never even realize Device Tune-up is running; the device may simply run better.” – T-Mobile

There are other apps out in the Market that already perform similar functions like Task Manager from Apollo Software or AutoKiller in which you can set profiles to make your phone more or less aggressive in managing background services and memory. This is by no means a traditional task killer where the user has to tell the phone manually to kill an app. Instead you are setting Android’s built-in memory and services manager to kill applications more often or less often, according to you individual desire.

It’s nice to see that a cell phone provider is not coughing up yet another frilly mostly for show app, and instead making something useful for everyone and (gasp!) that is somewhat technical. Good job T-Mobile…if only you could fix your 3G coverage, but hey they’re not miracle workers.


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