DJ Rivals Android Game Review


DJ Rivals is a fun new game from developers Booyah, Inc. This little gem almost slipped under my radar this week, but I’m glad I noticed it. This Android game lets you take on the role of a DJ, and you have to battle the evil Bland Corp. It’s got elements of the popular game Rock Band, as you have to tap the notes out during your DJ battles, with a little scratching thrown in for good measure.  What else does it have? It’s got some really great graphics, plenty of upgrades, and a whole lot of potential.


Starting out you get a very well done animated scene, then it’s on to character creation. You get to pick your look, and you can choose from 6 different styles. After that, a funky looking dog with headphones explains that the evil Bland Corporation has brainwashed musicians, and it’s up to you to set things right. You’ll get quests, have access to the store, gear and an arena where you can battle other players. Once the dog has finished with your brief tutorial, you just have to click on a building to enter, and start battling. The battles are the same as if you were playing RockBand. You attack by doing “moves” against the opposing DJ, whoevers health hits zero first loses. When you defeat an opponent, you’ll receive XP, Cash, and items to help you progress in the game. You’ll also receive stat points, which let you boost attributes like speed, attack, stamina, toughness, and adrenaline.


Now for the features, and this game has a lot of them. One of the first things I noticed is the game uses your GPS to incorporate local places into the game. In my case, one of the buildings I had to do battle in

was a local window company down the street. You can also change your location to several predetermined cities, or enter another address. Next up are the Quests, you’ll receive several different quests throughout the game. Once you complete a quest you just turn it in, and collect your reward.

You also have the Store and Gear sections. In the Store, you can spend cash or “ice” to get some refills or buy extra stats points. You can also buy “ice” via paypal to use as in-game credits. From the Gear tab, you can buy new rigs/tables, new battle moves, and collections. There are around 30 different decks to buy/unlock, and around 50 different attacks. The attacks are pretty cool; you can buy reverbs, chirps, echoes, mashups, rolls, crossfades, and more. Some will be attacks, while other will regain health or add certain stat boosts.

Last, but not least, we have the Arena. This let’s you battle other DJ’s from across the globe. It’s setup very well, and the battles are a breeze. If you win, you’ll get some XP along with a cash reward. I knocked out 5 players within a few minutes; the battles are really quick which was a plus in my opinion.


Overall, I loved this game. It’s very new, so there will be a few glitches here and there. Some people in the Market have complained about “force close” issues, and a few other things. Honestly, it has performed great on my Captivate so far. The only thing I noticed, that did not work was the “buy ice” via Paypal section. The graphics were Excellent, the sound was great, and you can tell the developers put quite a bit of time into it. I’m sure they will get the glitches worked out; it’s only been on the Market for a few days. It’s free, and it’s a whole lot of fun. If you want to check it out, you can head on over to the Market and pick it up.

DJ Rivals


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