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Domino Solitaire Android Game Review, 2 Games in One


Domino Solitaire is a new Android game that fans of the real domino game as well as new generation gamers who enjoy Sudoku and other mobile puzzle games will surely enjoy and like. The game gives you more than 50 challenging levels with each level requiring you to solve the puzzles by figuring out where each of the 28 dominoes are hidden. Make no mistake into thinking that this puzzle game is too easy, because actually it is not.

Game Play

The learning curve for this Android game is not too steep. In fact, you’d be able to master its game play after a few minutes of playing it. Basically, your main task is to find the 28 domino pieces which are hidden at the center grid. To guide you, the 28 domino pieces are displayed on the side your Android phone’s screen. ┬áSo, how does those 28 x 2 domino pieces will fit in the small screen display of most Android phones. Whether you believe it or not, those pieces fitted in. And this contributes to the challenge of the game. The domino pieces are too small that it will confuse your eyes in trying to located which one is which from the center grid. If you find all the domino pieces the game moves to the next level.


As mentioned the game gives you more than 50 unique levels to play with. Reaching level 50 will now depend on how well you’ll master the game play mechanics. And get ready to challenge your eyesight since those dots in the domino tiles can get quite confusing. Aside from the 50 game levels, the game also has a clock to tell you if you’ve been taking to long to solve a puzzle. Don’t worry, there’s no limit as to how long you can solve a puzzle. Just don’t take your time since, it can become pretty boring if you stay too long into a puzzle.

As a bonus feature, Domino Solitaire also has another game in tow, the classic Bucaneer Domino wherein your main task will be to sort out seven domino stacks to solve the puzzle.

Going on to the technical details of the game, graphics wise this game doesn’t really have too much to work on. The game environment is pretty much well thought off. And the domino tiles responds accurately to your tap. You’ll also appreciate the fact that the game developer was good enough to come up with such a new twist into the Domino game for the mobile environment.


Overall, Domino Solitaire is a pretty solid puzzle game that will give several hours of challenging and entertaining gaming experience. Domino Solitaire is available as a free download from the Android Market.