Doodle Bowling Android Game Review


There are many bowling games in the Android market, but Doodle Bowling brings a new style to the table. If you like games with lots of “bells and whistles,” this game does not have that. Developer GameResort brings us a game that has a unique style and some killer graphics. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s the quickest bowling game I’ve ever played. I played the game until my fingers ached, and here is what I found out…


There isn’t a lot of choice as far as the gameplay and options go.  You have your basic audio options, but that’s about it. The controls are just like the other Android bowling games. You take your finger and flick the ball down the lane. You can add spin to your roll, by moving your finger left or right as the ball travels down the lane.  I thought the physics in the game were pretty realistic as well. It may not sound like much, but what it lacks in options it makes up for with graphics.


What sets this game apart from the others are the original graphics and speed of play. Graphically I loved this game, you start out with only one “lane”, but as the game progresses more open up for you to purchase.  You earn credits by completing games with one game equaling one credit. Each lane has its own theme such as Chalk, Fire, Ocean, Neon, etc. Some of the lanes can be expensive, for instance the Fire lane cost 24 credits, which equals to 24 games bowled.

The other thing I love about the game is the quick speed of play. There is not much of a wait time between rolls, as soon as your pins stop moving you are ready to go again. It is truly the fastest bowling game I have played, which was a major plus in my opinion. It also features the popular OpenFeint leader board system.


This is a great game, but there are some areas that could be improved. All the extra lanes you can unlock give the game quite a bit of depth. One credit per game bowled seems a bit low though.  It does extend the gameplay, but can become monotonous. Doodle Bowling is a fun game and a great time killer. It’s available for free in the Android Market.

Doodle Bowling


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