Draw Something – The Android Game Review


I tried to resist, but last night I finally gave in to the phenomenon known as Draw Something from OMGPop.  After wrestling myself away from the game I thought it was high time to do a review, so here are my thoughts on Draw Something otherwise known as the hottest game around…

The premise behind Draw Something is simple and something most of us have seen before; if you’ve played games like Pictionary you’ll be right at home with Draw Something. When you first fire up the game you’ll be asked to login and connect with Facebook, Twitter or through Email. Oddly enough, I’m not that big into connecting everything on my phone together so I opted for email. Once you get hooked in you can choose an opponent through the aforementioned channels or “random” which is what I went with. I’m not sure how many games you can have open at once, but I got up to around 7-8 just so I could try and play constantly. I probably needed to have more than 10 going to have a “constant” game as the people I played with were pretty slow or in a lot of games themselves.


Your turn consists of drawing or guessing and when it’s your turn to draw you’re given a choice between one of three words, if those words are too hard you can use a “bomb” to get new ones. The words range from easy to hard and you’ll be awarded 1-3 coins (or more) depending on which word you select and how well you do during your turn. The drawing is easy to do, and you’ve given a small but handy collection of tools to get the job done with. Guessing is done through a hangman/wheel of fortune like setup where you’re given the exact amount of spaces and a jumbled set of letters to figure things out.Again, you can use bombs to remove letters that aren’t supposed to be there, but it’s all pretty simple & straightforward.

The coins are earned during gameplay and used to buy bombs, but the coins are also used to buy extra color packs. The color packs are 249 coins each, there are 15 of them in all and they run the gambit from browns to neon & Mardi Gras colors. There are no real extras to speak of besides the shop which lets you buy more bombs or coins both. I’m sure there’s more to the “social” side of the game utilizing your friends on Facebook & Twitter, but I didn’t use the game in that way so I can’t speak for anything extra in those departments.


As much as I enjoyed Draw Something there are some issues and several ways the game could be made better. There is no notification system which sucks as it means if you don’t stay “in” the game you’ll never known when it’s your turn.  I also had issues actually getting into the game a few times and generally found that the game never moved quite as quickly as I’d have liked. That being said, I’m sure the experience differs for everyone so I’m not going to knock if much for that.

Overall, Draw Something is an extremely fun time-killer that’s simple to play and hard to put down once you get going. Some of my frustration came due to the fact I couldn’t find or get into a game quick enough… that’s a pretty good sign that the game’s a winner. I’m sure we’ll get notifications in the near future and hopefully some more stuff to blow our coins on in the shop. You can pick up the ad-supported free version of Draw Something or the paid version for $0.99 cents. If you hate ads I highly suggest you pay the buck, both versions can be found on Google Play.



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