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Drawdle – Android Game Review


Drawdle is an awesome, new physics-based drawing game from One Side Software. You might be thinking, “It’s just another Doodle drawing game”, but you’d be wrong as Drawdle does things a bit differently. There are spikes to avoid, rubber bands to use, paint balloons, and 40 different doodley levels to play through. It also has a catchy name that reminds me of a Pokémon character. Sounds fun so far doesn’t it? Well, it is fun and I’m betting you’ll enjoy Drawdle as much as we have over here at Android-Apps…


Your goal in Drawdle is to draw a shape and with a flick “launch” the shape towards a paint balloon. The paint balloon needs to hit an uncolored doodle, and the larger the area you hit the more stars you’ll receive. You will encounter some hazards along the way as well, and the first ones I’ve hit have been the spikes. If you touch the spikes with your drawn shape or the paint balloon its game over. I also encountered a few rubber-bands which allow you to bounce “dull” objects off of the while sharp objects will go through them.


As far as options go, there isn’t much to see. There are a few basic options available from the main menu where you’ll be able to turn on/off the sound, music, background, and aiming arrow.  There are plenty of levels to play though which is the main thing. The full version of Drawdle gives you 48 levels of fun while the free version will let you try out 12 levels. As usual the levels get a bit harder as you go, and I really enjoyed the way the levels varied from one another. One level would put doodles right in your way while the next will have spinning triangles or spiked walls.


Drawdle was a pleasant surprise and just the kind of game I like to stumble across in the market. There are a lot of doodle drawing games out there, but this one manages to set itself apart from the rest with the whole physics/paint balloon aspect of it. The graphics are spot-on, and the background music was rather soothing. Not exactly sure what it is, but it made me feel like I was lounging around in Hef’s grotto in the 70s… either way I dug it. I highly recommend you check out Drawdle; you can try the free version or get the paid version for a steal at only $1.99.