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[!– INSTALL:com.trendy.ddapp –]Dungeon Defenders is a new action-RPG tower defense type of game ported over to the Android platform from its recent Apple iOS iteration. Like the iPhone and iPad versions, Dungeon Defenders for Android carrys the same great high-quality game graphics, deep gameplay and rich RPG elements. If you have played the game before on either iPhone or iPad and you happen to have an Android phone, should you get this game still? Let’s take a closer look at Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Android game.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave – Gameplay

When it comes to gameplay, I would have to say that this game definitely has a lot of things going on. Like I said, this game is an action-RPG, tower defense type of game. This means that the game gives you the best of both game genres. As a tower defense game, you must built various defenses to protect a certain crystal. The type of defenses that you can build depends on the type of character you choose at the start of the game. There are actually three types of characters to choose from. Each of these characters also represent the different difficulty levels of the game. Once you’ve built your defense you can start the game and enemies will start attacking your crystals.

When building defenses, you’ll need Mana. You pick this up along the way after beating enemies as well as picking up items. Just because you have setup your defenses does not guarantee your crystal’s safety.  You must command your character to attack incoming opponents using various weapons in your possession.  This is where the action-RPG style of the game comes in.

There are other elements of the game that will keep you busy as you play the game. In fact, the game has so many elements that it sometimes gets confusing. But, if you enjoy these kind of details in an RPG, then you’d love this game.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave – Graphics and Game Physics

When it comes to graphics, I’m all praises for this game. It’s powered by Epic’s Unreal Game technology, the same game engine used for the excellent iPhone game Infinity Blade. The game is colorful and the developer paid a lot of attention to details of the game environment and other elements. The animation is also exemplary. However, I’ve experienced several slow downs while playing it on my Nexus One. As much as I don’t want this as a negative point for the game, I was not expecting the slow down to happen. Especially since, the game was meant to be played for most Android smartphones. Or perhaps, my aging Nexus One is already screaming to be replaced? Still, this minor flaw is not to be taken against the game as a whole. It’s still a great game in terms of graphics.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave – The Android Experience Verdict

If this is the first time that you’re going to play the game and you’re looking for feature-rich game with very deep gameplay – then don’t hesitate it getting it from the Android Market by clicking the Install button at the top of this story. However, if you’re like me who’ve played it on the iPad and iPhone 4, you might want to consider skipping this game. It doesn’t offer anything different from its iOS versions. Unless of course, you loved the game the first time you played it and you don’t mind playing it again, this time on a different device.

In other words, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is an excellent Android game but not necessarily the best of all mobile phone games.

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