ElectionCaster Android App Review

Want the most up-to-date political news delivered to your Android phone regularly? You better check out this very politically informative Android app called ElectionCaster from the company Handmark. Election Caster Android app offers comprehensive coverage of political news which will satisfy your daily cravings regardless of your political inclination, that is whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent.

ElectionCaster culls political news from major online dailies such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times and other online news sources. It then presents these political news via a very nice interface on your Android app. When I say nice, I’m actually understating it because ElectionCaster’s overall interface design is sleek, very professional and enticing to use. Whoever says political news is boring must take a look at ElectionCaster. It brings color to political issues, so to speak.

For its background theme alone, you’d already find the app appealing. Instead of the pain background when browsing content on your Android phone, ElectionCaster uses some sort of parchment paper-like background. The app’s main screen gives you four major features – National, Local, Blogs, Polls and a More option which currently loads up other featured apps as well as your save political news items. Here’s a brief description of what each of the features contain:

National Coverage – contains news and commentary from the NYT, WSJ, Washington Post and other newspapers online

Local Coverage – contains news and blog entries from local sources, which is determined by the location settings of your Android phone.

Blogs and Social Media – contains blog entries from the most influential political blogs covering both liberal and conservative parties.

Polls – contains up-to-date polls on election races, public opinions and various of note.

Aside from these four major categories, ElectionCaster also lets you share interesting political news via Facebook or email. To use this feature, you need to tap on individual news items to open up its full entry. From there you can simply tap on the “Share” option and the app will display the different sharing apps available on your Android phone. You can also tap on the “Full Story” option to browse the full news content. The app will open up your Android phone’s mobile web browser.

ElectionCaster is available as a free, ad-supported app. You can get it now from the Android Market. If you’re a political news junkie, this app is definitely a must-download.


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