Email Client for Exchange + for Android Review

Email Client for Exchange + - screenshot

The Email Client for Exchange + brings emailing to another level. If you’re using your email frantically (and who doesn’t these days?), you will rediscover the little pleasures in life using this Android app from Mail Wise Communication.

Like all the good things  (for droids, that is), this email app is absolutely free of charge. To benefit from Mail Wise’s finest, all you have to do is to “pay” a visit to Google Play Store, download and install the application and voila. Your life just changed for the better.

If you think I’m using big words, just hold your horses and check this out :

The Email Client will transform all your email accounts in one clean and clear thread,  meaning that all your emails will be put together and managed  by one single app. What does that mean? Well, simplicity, effectiveness and free time in your hands. Because, if you set up multiple accounts via Exchange’s ActiveSync in only one application that takes care of them all (like Trillian used to do for aficionados), guess what? Emailing will be fun again, just like in those times when all you had was a Yahoo! account. Yes, I know, now you have like 6 (at least I am using 6 simultaneously).

The app is very secure and easy to use, all the “sensitive” data is stored only locally. There’s no “sharing passwords” or tokens or anything the like. Your data can’t be hacked from the mainframe, because, well…there’s no such thing!

Email Client for Exchange + - screenshot


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