First Impressions, TweetDeck for Android Beta App

Finally, after several hours of waiting, TweetDeck fans were given access to the much awaited TweetDeck app for Android. The app which is currently in beta is not yet available from the Android Market. You’ll have to follow some procedures to get it working on your Android phone. Instructions are posted at the end of this review. I’ve got it running on my Nexus One right now and has set up my Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and Foursquare account. One thing I could say, like what I’ve posted awhile ago in all of those accounts is that – TweetDeck for Android rocks!

That is not your usual exaggerated statements of a fanboy who’ve suddenly tried out something new from his favorite social media tool. It is true that TweetDeck for Android rocks. Why is that so? Because the TweetDeck folks have given us Android fans something new – interface and process flow of accessing, reading and managing all our social media accounts into one good looking Android application. I’ve tried so many social medial apps on my Nexus One and I would have to say that TweetDeck blows them all away – even the official Twitter app.

First thing you’d notice the moment you fire the app on your Android phone is the sleek user interface – from the background theme, to the representation of the different menu icons. The app emits a strong “coolness” factor. To start the ball rolling you need to set up your social media accounts. Currently the app supports Facebook, multiple Twitter accounts, Google Buzz and Foursquare. All you need to do is to log in to these accounts inside the TweetDeck app.

The main TweetDeck home screen gives you three columns with the main screen giving you an integrated display of all your social media updates – Twitter timeline, Facebook News Updates, etc. Now how do you distinguis updates from one social media tool to another?  – through color coded blocks as follow:

  • Black – Twitter
  • Dark Blue – Facebook
  • Light Blue – Foursquare
  • Dark Red – Buzz

Ain’t that cool enough?

To continue, the second column that TweetDeck Android app gives you is the “Me” column. It pulls off Twitter @mentions associated to your accounts, Facebook notifications and Buzz updates on your content. The third column gives your Twitter Direct Messages as default.

We were just discussing about TweetDeck Android app’s user interface and it seems like our review is already taking too much space. Well, that only goes to show how feature-rich TweetDeck for Android is. Let’s now go to posting updates to your social media accounts. Did you ever wish that you can easily post status updates across your social media accounts at once? Well, TweetDeck has the answer. The moment you’ve composed a status updates, you can tap on the icons of the account where you want to publish your updates. You can tap one or two accounts or tap all of them to post the same updates across your accounts.

And those are all for now. We’d leave the rest of the features up for your discovery. As promised, here’s the procedure on How to Install TweetDeck on your Android phone.

  1. Go into Settings, select Applications and enable “Unknown sources”.
  2. Download tAttachApkInstaller from the Android Market
  3. Download Android Tweetdeck from:
  4. When asked, open the file with tAttachApkInstaller

Have fun using TweetDeck folks!


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