Flick Golf! – The Android Game Review

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Golf is one of those sports you either love… or hate. It can be pretty frustrating to head out onto the Golf course and lose your balls along with your sanity. Golf on your Android can be a lot of fun, and Flick Golf from Full Fat Productions is one of the best Android Golf games we’ve played. You will get a little frustrated, but at least you won’t lose your balls or break a club.


Simple gameplay in this one folks, as you’ll just swipe to sing and to add spin to the ball. Flick Golf! is a hole-in-one course which means you’ll go straight for the pin every shot with no need to worry about putting or fighting your way out of a sand trap. Each course gives you nine attempts at three different holes, and you’ll get one swing per attempt to get it into the hole. Your main shot is half the battle and you’ll want to hit it straight, but can correct your ball in-air if you slice or hook the ball. The whole swipe-spin thing is very handy, and with a little practice you can guide the ball right into the cup. On a real golf course you’ll have to deal with wind, and it’s no different in Flick Golf. Getting a 20mph wind blowing in from the right definitely adds a bit of difficulty to the game.


There are three different modes of play in Flick Golf! with Quickshot, World Tour, and Quickshot Pro. Quickshot gives you 6 courses and 90 seconds to get the highest score possible; if you meet each levels scoring goal you’ll get to move on to the next course. Quickshot Pro is the same thing, but you only get 30 seconds and the wind kicks at about 18mph… on the first course lol. To say it’s a bit tougher would be an understatement. World Tour is the heart of the game, and gives you 9 shots per course to get the highest score possible so you can advance. Each course has 3 trophies you can get depending on your final score, and you’ll need to get 4 gold trophies to get past the halfway point of the tour. Flick Golf! has a nice leaderboard that shows your stats, achievements, stats, and career.


The dev’s state in the market description that this is the most addictive Golf game to hit the Android market, and I’m inclined to agree with them at this point. As frustrated as I got, I kept going back, and back… and back until I unlocked the course I was trying to play on or got the gold trophy I was after. Fun aside, the game looks great too as well and the levels are truly gorgeous. Great gameplay, great depth, and great graphics amount to an awesome Golf game you won’t be able to put down. If you’re a fan of Golf or just want a great casual time-killer to play I’d highly recommend you check out Flick Golf! No free version is available, but the paid version can be had for $1.07 in the Android Market.

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