Flick Soccer! – Android Game Review


Flick, flick, flick… I did a whole lot of that with Flick Golf and now my finger is getting a work out with Full Fat Productions new game Flick Soccer! If you played Flick Golf you already know how fun it was and kind of what to expect from the Soccer game. The question is will Flick Soccer be as fun as Flick Golf? Read on to find out…


This is a flicking game, so you may want to clean your screen a bit and pop a finger or two before you start. The controls are simple to use; you can adjust your viewing angle by dragging left, right, up or down across the top of the screen and you kick the ball by “flicking” through it. The harder you flick, the harder you’ll kick. Just like real soccer, you can put curve on the kick by flicking in a curved motion and if you want to bend it like Beckham you can swipe while the ball is airborne to put some bend into the shot. Learning to put a good bend on the ball will definitely benefit you in a few of the game modes when you have to shoot around multiple defenders.


Flick Soccer! has 5 different game modes with Quickshot, Endurance, Challenge, Crossbar, and Smash it. Quickshot has you scoring points against the clock, and Endurance mode gives you 3 balls and targets to hit. Crossbar is a little strange as your goal is to hit the crossbar itself while Smash It has you smashing panes of glass with the soccer ball. Challenge mode is the main mode of play in my opinion and my personal favorite. You’ll basically be given 5 shots to hit the target placed in the goal keepers net. At first you’ll just have to get it past the goalie, but it quickly progresses to getting it around 2-4 defenders and the goalie. There are 5 levels in challenge mode with each being more difficult than the last. You unlock trophies for each level based on your score; bronze is good enough to get you to the next level, but everyone knows Gold is what you want to shoot for


I’ll start by saying that Flick Soccer is fun to play and you can pull of some pretty tricky shots through curving and bending the ball. The game itself has a very slick presentation and the graphics are excellent all around. That being said… I don’t think it has quite as much depth as Flick Golf or maybe it’s just not as challenging. They are working on adding leaderboards and achievements to the game which should make it a bit more interesting as you can see exactly how good you are compared to other folks online. It’s definitely worth checking out, and will be a “must have” game if you’re a soccer fan. No free version is available, but the paid version of Flick Soccer! can be had for $1.99 in the market.


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