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Flickitty is a funky looking, swipe-based physics game from developer Randall Schleufer. Your goal is to fling your kitty around (by the head) and help him complete his missions spanning 5 slick looking regions. As lovely as the levels are they do contain a lot of hazards, and you’ll have to keep Flickitty from being electrocuted, poisoned, and burned to a crisp among other things.


The control scheme in Flickitty is easy to understand, but can be difficult to master. You’ll basically grab your cat by the head, and “fling” him through the levels. Whatever direction you pull Flickitty’s head in… the body will follow. Certain missions will require to you move objects and that’s made easy as you’ll just need to fling yourself towards the object and touch it when you get close; touch the object again to drop it. As I said, it has a very easy control setup you just have to get used to flinging the kitty around.


Flickitty not only looks great, the game will keep you busy as well with 20 different missions spread across 5 levels. Three of these regions have different gravity, which presents a new challenge considering the control scheme. There are also 20 different hats you can collect and wear, and you’ll earn a new hat after each mission you complete. Like to monkey around with the levels? No problem, cause Flickitty has an in-game map editor if you feel like getting creative.


The graphics are what originally got my attention with this game, and I’m glad I didn’t pass it up. It did take a minute to get used to “flicking” myself about, but you’ll have the hang of it in no time. While you are supposed to keep your kitty out of harm’s way, I’ll admit I had a blast throwing him into the fires and the animations were great to watch. I also enjoyed trying to collect the hats, and have been told that those hats will all have special abilities in a future update . Flickitty is a unique game, and definitely worth checking out. There’s no free version at the moment, but you can get the full version for only .99 cents.

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