Fling a Thing – Android Game Review


A little while back Big Blue Bubble announced they were going to drop several new Android games into the market around the end of the year, and we just got our second one with a game called Fling a Thing. Fling a Thing is a simple game where you’ll take little creatures and fling them into the air to collect bubbles and other power-ups. You’re given a limited number of shots to get as far as you can and once you run out its game over.


Flinging a Thing is easy to do as you’ll just touch it and drag backwards in the direction you want to send it. After launch, the Thing will fly up and then back down to stick on its block; the thing can also bounce off the sides of the wall, and later in the game you’re able to climb by flinging yourself towards floating platforms. There are other things floating in the air besides the tasty bubbles, you’ll also be able to snag magnets, gum, eggs, leaves, and stars. Each of those objects power-ups important, but stars and leaves are the ones you’ll want to make sure and get. The Stars are used as a form of in-game currency and are few and far between while the leaves give you extra shots. If you aim carefully, and keep stocked up on extra shots you can go far and interact with some pretty wacky objects.


There really aren’t levels in Flinging a Thing and you’ll keep going until you run out of shots. There is a store you can access from the main menu that will sell you 7 different “Things”, 2 different worlds, and boosts from all 4 of the power-ups you find in the game. Everything is purchased using the stars you collected and some things are pretty steep. The highest level Thing will run you 600 stars while the power-ups are 100 a piece. The 2 different world can be had for 200 stars each which isn’t bad considering you can get 100 from just doing some simple things like following them on Twitter or telling a friend about the game. The only other way to get stars is from the mini-game called Feeding Ground. In this game you’ll place fruit on the screen and your Thing will fling itself towards them; the more you remember to go feed your Thing the more stars you can earn.


Fling a Thing is a polished game that’s easy to play and good for some quick casual gaming. The graphics are well done and the game as a whole is very family friendly.  The Star Coin/Cash ratio didn’t seem skewed either which was nice as I’ve seen a lot of overcharging lately in the in-app purchasing department. Big Blue Bubble did a great job with the game and I look forward to seeing what they come out with next. You can get Fling a Thing in the Android Market for free.


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