FourSquare-Like GetGlue Android App Available Now

Another day, another new social networking app for Android has just been made available. If FourSquare lets you check-in to places you”ve visited, the new GetGlue Android offers the same experience but this time for checking-in to your favorite shows, music, movies, and books. This Android app also lets you check out what your friends are enjoying in real-time. To make your GetGlue check-in experience even more enticing, every check-ins earn you points and stickers from GetGlue and its major sponsors.

Mind you, those sponsoring brands are major players in their respective entertainment niche – such as HBO, Revision 3 and the likes.

But seriously, would you develop the habit of “checking-in” to your ¬†favorite shows, movies, music, books and more, the same way you’ve grown addicted to FourSquare? Well, it could be fun. It’s a refreshing take into social networking with your friends. It’s also a good way of getting the best deal in town when it comes to finding the latest shows and movies to watch, music to listen to, books to read and other first-hand suggestion by none other than your friends.

Supporting the launch of GetGlue Android app is a new mobile site at This site will also let you check-in and is meant for other smartphone users including the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and other platforms which don’t have a GetGlue native app of their own yet.

GetGlue Android app is available now from the Android Market. If you’re into the “check-in” frenzy happening in the social space right now, you won’t pass up this one.


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