Fox News Arrives on the Android Market

If  you read Fox News daily, you’d be glad to know that you can now access the news site on your Android phone as the Fox New Android app has just arrived on the Android Marketplace.  Fox News for Android carries the same features of the other apps available for other platforms, bringing you Fox News Alerts, news stories, latest video clips, Fox News Radio, news headlines as well as Fox News’ photo gallery.

Specifically, this free news Android app has the following major contents/features:

Video – the days top news stories from Fox  News’  Video on Demand service including videos from Fox weekday shows.

Alerts –  alerts for the day’s breaking news stories on top of the day’s headlines

Audio – live, streaming on the background Talk Radio show as you use the app

Shows – latest videos from the cable news show and News Channel anchors

Share/Save – share articles, photos and videos to your friends on Facebook and Twitter or bookmark them for reading later

Best of all, the Fox News app for Android is a free download. You can search for Fox News on the Android Marketplace and install the app on your Android phone.

Our initial impression of Fox News Android app is pretty positive. The app loads contents fast via its sleek-looking , very user-friendly and clean interface. If you have other social media apps or even email apps on your Android phone, you can share news articles via these apps as well. You are not limited to sharing on Facebook and Twitter only.

Overall, the app is pretty good. And the fact that it is free should be enough reason for you to get the app.


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